Villa feltrinelli

Gargnano, Italy

The Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli offers 21 distinctive guestrooms and suites. Built in 1892, Villa Feltrinelli was designed by the Milanese architect Alberico Barbiano di Belgioioso in the Liberty style. Similar to Art Nouveau, this style was inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and the Neo-gothic school.The building's exterior is marked by a highly decorated facade incorporating large windows and small, castle like turrets. Painted in gold and terra cotta colors, the Villa is reminiscent of a Venetian palazzo.

Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli offers 21 distinctive guestrooms and suites. Each room and suite is individually decorated:

The Villa

Offers 13 unique guestrooms, two with large outdoor terraces. All rooms average between 450 and 700 square feet. Bathrooms range between 150 and 500 square feet.

Casa di Fiori (guesthouse)

Previously the Garden House, the three-story guesthouse offers two, one-bedroom suites: 850 and 1500 square feet. The ground floor suite features two separate patios. A private entrance leads to the third floor suite. An additional single 600 square foot guestroom completes the house on the second floor.

Casa Rustica (guesthouse)

Features three guestrooms averaging 500 square feet. The ground floor unit has a beautiful wooden pergola covering the outdoor patio. The top two floor units offer wonderful views of the lake.

La Limonaia (guesthouse)

A three-story, 800 square foot unit offering one bedroom, a sitting room and a large outdoor covered patio.

The Boat House

Set along the shores of Lake Garda, this lovely little house offers a full kitchen, dining area, living room with fireplace, outdoor patio and one bedroom on the second floor with an outdoor terrace, a huge dressing area and a white marble bath.